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Our Water Systems

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Here at we believe that water is the foundation of life and vital to all living organisms.  We take special pride in bringing you the very best whole house filtration and water softening or conditioning systems in the most environmentally friendly way possible. The only true way to address your home water needs is at the point of use.  Changing shower filters, faucet filters and drinking water filters does not eliminate the problem entirely and may still cause you to worry about your water. This reason alone is why we have chosen to not carry these items. 

We feel that whole house filtration is the BEST way to firmly address water quality and provide our customers with worry free water in their entire home.  We also utilize the very latest in salt-free technology that eliminates scale buildup without adding harmful chemicals to the water.  Our carbon filters are rated the best in the industry reducing contaminants.

Our three systems are the best in the industry from EvoClear Water:

Salt-Free Water Softener- Our salt-free softeners use special media to help inactivate hard water molecules so that they do not cause scale.  Hard water is persistent and present in about 75% of American homes.  Our Salt-free systems add no harmful sodium to the water and are maintenance free.  It is time to replace the old salt softener!

Whole House Carbon Filter- There is no better water filtration that Granular Activated Carbon or GAC.  It is recommended by the EPA as the most effective way to reduce contamantnes. Our carbon is the best in the industry blended with only 5% of the finest media.  Our carbon filters remove chlorine, chloramine and hundreds of other contaminants as well as removing odor and improving water taste.  Your will get better than bottled water quality at every tap in your home! Guaranteed!

Softener/Filter Combo- Recommended for homeowners worried about hard water and water quality, is our combo system.  Both our salt-free softener and carbon filter are combined for the best water filtration system available on the market today.  Water that is free from scale and contaminates is the best of both worlds when it comes to water quality.  You simply cannot find anything better.  


What Makes Us Different From The Rest?

Simply, it is what’s inside that matters.  Our salt-free softening media out performs other anti-scale media by up to 60%.  Our carbon filter is filled with only the best 5% NSF 61 certified carbon media.  On top of this, the systems are also backed by some of the longest warranties in the industry. And more importantly, we honor ALL Warrantees!! Something other companies don’t always do.  It is not hard to see why EvoClear is considered #1 in the industry.

There is nothing better for us than to see happy satisfied customers.  It is this reason that we offer a 90 day money back guarantee policy on all water systems.  We want our customers to try out our filters and see what it’s like to have quality water at every tap in their home.  We guarantee that you will be happy with your system.

We also take special pride in our honest approach to all our customers.  We are people that care more about the quality of life for you and your family than about selling a product.  You will not find pushy sales people here, only genuine water specialists that care about every customer.  We always urge every customer to our site to call our support staff at (866)596-7417 to answer any of your concerns.  We know that water quality is an important issue for our customers, which is why we want every customer satisfied.

To You and Your Families’ Health,