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Filter+ Salt Free Softener Combo

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Quick Overview:

Best Overall Home Filter System
Quality Water At Every Tap



Truly the best of both worlds, the EvoClear Carbon Filter Softener Combo is perfect for those not only worried about the quality of water in their home, but also the effects of hard water.


The carbon filter will remove contaminates, remove odor and improve water taste and the salt free softener will eliminate the effects of hard water.  The result is great quality water for the entire home, while also being free from lime scale.

Our EvoClear combo system attacks hard water, removes scale, prevents hard water buildup, removes chlorine, removes pesticides and other contaminants. This system does it all!


NSF Certified activated carbon & NSF standard 61 certified anti-scale media. 


First, the EvoClear Carbon Filter System will:


Remove <99% of unwanted contaminants

Remove chlorine

Improve taste and odor

Give you quality water throughout your entire home



Then, the EvoClear Salt Free Softener will:


Remove existing lime scale formation

Prevent future scale from forming

Extend the life of your appliances

Improve efficiency of existing water heater

Provide cleaner and better looking sinks, baths and faucets


All of this while adding no sodium or chemicals to the water, requiring no electrical hookup, wasting no water, and is maintenance free!!


This is the ultimate system when it comes to water quality.  You cannot find a better solution to all of your home water quality needs.  You will never have to worry about chorine, contaminants or the effects of hard water again.  With the combo system you will never have to worry about your water again!!



Enjoy free shipping, no hassle returns, a 90 day money back guarantee, a lifetime warranty, lifetime support, and customer support that cannot be beat.  Not only more inexpensive than other brands but also from a brand you can trust!


Save Money & Enjoy The Cleanest, Softest Water At Every Tap!


The Combo System is the Perfect Solution to Quality Water!


When looking to purchase your new water system it is important to know what you are looking to accomplish.  For people without hard water or if hard water is not a major concern, the whole house carbon filter would be the perfect option.  The carbon filter will provide you and your family with filtered water throughout your home.  If you are not worried about the quality of water then the salt free softener alone will work. The salt free water systems will provide you and your family with soft conditioned water throughout your home.


For most Americans both hard water and the quality of the water is a major concern for their home.  Since 75% of Americans suffer from hard water, the combo system is truly the ideal system to address all of your water concerns.  The EvoClear Combo System will finally end your worries about the water in your home and do so in the most environmentally friendly, safe and hassle free way possible.


Don’t salt softeners filter out the water too?


NO!  This is one of the most misleading assumptions in the water industry today.  Salt Softeners DO NOT address contaminants in your water!  It is an ion exchange process taking out calcium and magnesium and replacing it with sodium!  This does not address chorine, chloramine and the hundreds of other chemicals that are found in water today.  Salt softeners in fact take out calcium and magnesium, two elements that are vital to our health!  To take out all the calcium and magnesium in the water is potentially dangerous to our health as water is the main way we get those vital minerals. 


On top of this, ion exchange adds sodium to the water!  So it takes out a good mineral we need, and adds another that we try to stay away from.  The salts from traditional salt softeners also have negative impacts on our environment.  Sodium kills any plant it comes in contact with and is a major concern for local farmers.  It is not hard to see why consumers are moving away from traditional salt softeners that are being banned by more and more counties across the nation.


What does the carbon filter on the combo remove?




Bad Taste






Industrial Solvents



What is inside the carbon filter tank?


The carbon filter is filled with the finest blends of carbon on the market.  EvoClear uses only the best 5% of coconut shell carbon which is superior to standard carbon.   The carbon media is NSF certified and provides the best filtration on the market.   The carbon is highly effective at removing contaminants other systems fail to get. 


How is it better than other whole house water filters?


The best whole house filters use the granulated activated carbon for filtration.  It is recognized by the EPA as the most efficient way to remove contaminants.  Make sure any whole house filter has GAC and is not just a sediment filter, or carbon block filter.  EvoClear uses the best carbons possible to filter your water and from what we have seen are the best in the industry.  Not all whole house filters are equal! It is what is housed inside that counts, and EvoClear uses the finest blends of carbon for optimal filtration.  Other filters simply can’t compare.


What is the blue filter for?


The blue filter is the big blue housing filter that removes any sediment, debris or dirt that could be in your water.  We use a 20 Micron NSF certified filter that helps extend the life of the salt free media and your appliances.  This is the only filter than needs to be replaced every 3-4 months and is very easy to do.  We send out a filter wrench that makes it easy to pop off the old filter and put in the new one that takes less than a minute.


How does the EvoClear Salt Free Softener work?


Now that the carbon filter has addressed the water quality, the salt free water softener or the second tank will then deactivate the hard water ions, thus making them unable to cause scale.  EvoClear uses a process called “seed crystallization” to convert the calcium and magnesium (hard water) ions into microscopic calcium carbonate “seed crystals”.  These minute crystals dramatically reduce the ability for lime scale to form or appear as they cannot attach to any surfaces.  The hard water is essentially unable to form lime scale as it passes through your home.


The salt free media from EvoClear has outperformed other anti-scale media as demonstrated by recent studies.  The crystalline substances allow the media to attach itself to more dissolved ions, for greater efficiency.  A recent test by the Arizona State University researched various anti-scale media and found that crystallization was the best method for reducing 90% of scale formation compared to non-treated water.  Other anti-scale media performed around 60%. The test also disapproved magnetics and electromagnetic methods of scale reduction.  You can read more about this research under the comparison tab.



What about installation and maintenance?


The EvoClear Combo Systems installs at the point of entry on your main water line.  This is usually in the garage or on the outside of your home.  Most handymen with basic plumbing skills can install the combo fairly easy.  Or a certified plumber will be able to install it for a fair price.  Installation time can take a few hours and depending on the home, you may need extra piping for install.  EvoClear has designed their systems to be installed as easy as possible.  Make sure you have sufficient space for the two tanks.  You may need 3 sq. feet of space whether it’s inside the garage or on the outside. 


Maintaining your combo system once installed is very easy to do.  The only thing the homeowner needs to replace is the sediment filter inside the big blue housing tank.  This is done with a filter wrench which is provided and can take only a minute to do.  We recommend replacing this filter every 3-4 months. 


Other than replacing the sediment filter every 3-4 months, the combo system will run on its own, and last 7+ years when properly taken care of.


What is inside the tanks?  Does it need replacement?


The media inside the carbon tank is granulated activated carbon (GAC), and inside the salt free tank is the scale media.   Both are a sand type texture that comes pre-loaded with the system.  Down the road when you need new media for both tanks, you can disconnect the tank and add new media.  We can send you replacement media when you need it.  The media should last you well beyond the 5-year warranty.